Fast Art!

Rod Whedbee’s lid — one of my first major SCCA customers… Thanks, friend!

When I first started to race, one thing caught my eye, even more than the colorful world of race car bodies — the HELMETS. Each helmet was a clue to the interests, preferences, and branding of the driver. It was one area, other than driving, where personality showed through to the public.

Although my schooling took me to the technical side of art, I’ve always had a creative side too. So, when I was taking a break from active driving to be a stay-at-home dad, paiting helmets seemed to be a great outlet for my creativity.

I was blessed to have a few clients who were patient with me, and let me grow in skill as I catered to their needs. And while the business went dormant for a while when I returned to work as a CNC machinist, it’s time to open the doors again!

So I welcome you to investigate my page, and inquire about my rates if you find that you’d like to engage my services. I promise an experience that will honor your concept and provide quality work at a reasonable price. Thanks for checking me out!

— Ted Hamilton (Owner and Artist)